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What Neith Means to Us

In Ancient Egypt Neith was the Goddess of Hunting – She presides over crafts of all kinds including war. Life is a constant struggle, we fight everyday not only to survive but also to excel. Success does not appear without effort and hard work. But only effort and hard work are not enough. To hunt the glory defines us, we need to be skillful, we need to learn the art of war in everyday life and rise above the constant struggle of survival. Thus neith becomes the symbol of those who are willing to cross the path of struggle and rise above it achieving the skill to win. Neith is the brand that builds the story of those who dare to be extraordinary from ordinary. Neith stands for those who has that fire in soul to be the best version of themselves.


Journey to Uniqueness

Our body is the temple. It is the shell that contains our thinking mind. The temple must be strong and prepare to survive all odds so that the mind can be sound and keep thinking the way of the progress. Our journey has begun to offer unique products for building performance for the all important physical body. The Neith Sports products are designed, tested and proven to enhance your fitness journey and help you reach your peak. Our desire to create the highest quality products that would enable you to train better and harder. Make yourself ready for the day to day war that you are going to win.

Our team shares a deep passion for a healthy lifestyle and making the most out of every opportunity that you face in your journey.

We act with the art of the human body – the best creation of nature. We are the creative minds that prepare the most unique and crafty design to provide you the best performing sports products. We are always delivering worldwide at your convenience.


At the Neith Sports we believe that the fitter version of you will produce the better version of yourself – this journey is continuous, consistent and adopted for lifetime.


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